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    TaiWan Food Rank
  1. 卤肉饭 Braised pork rice
  2. 臭豆腐 Stink tofu
  3. 红烧牛肉面 Braised beef noodles
  4. 珍珠奶茶 Bubble tea
  5. 烧烤 BBQ
  6. 芒果刨冰 Mangoes

卤肉饭 Braised pork rice is one of the common snacks in Taiwan. The key of braised pork are meat and gravy. The fine braised pork poured over the fragrant white rice, and sweet and saltly flavor taste sooooo good!

臭豆腐 Stink tofu is a classic snack in Taiwan. It basically is made out of tofu. It look good but when you smell then it will be smell bad. When you eat it, it will taste good but remember to use the sauce so it will taste much better.

红烧牛肉面 Braised beef noodles is the top 10 noodles. Braised beef over the noodle vegtable. The soup that come with the braised beef noaddles was delicious. A lot of people eat this during the winter.

珍珠奶茶 Bubble tea came from Taiwan. Bubble tea was the most famous drink around the world. It include bubble, milk, tea and sugar.

烧烤 BBQ is the most popular in Taiwan. You can found it everywhere such as street or night market. BBQ basically include meat and seafood and grill it on the stove.

芒果刨冰 Mangoes had off boom in recent years in Taiwan summer ice cream, that you can choose to put it on ice. It has a lot of toping to choose to but in the ice. It has cool and hot weather funcition originally ice refresh cool air food for hot summer, but now it become a years round dessert that people can enjoy and much love by people.

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